PhytoGroup established through the hard work of the people of Phytothreptiki and its subsidiary, ORA SERVICES (Out of Ordinary Agroscience, in free translation "Agricultural Science out of the box") having as a common aim the knowledge and experience they offer to the market.

Holistic plant nutrition

Phytothreptiki, founder & member of PhytoGroup, is a family business founded in 1989 and operates in the Greek and international agricultural markets. Being active in the sector of plant nutrition for more than 30 years, nowadays Phytothreptiki owns 3 fertilizer factories in Greece, producing and supplying high quality products with the latest advanced technologies. The experience and knowledge of its human resource, in combination with its innovative products and the strong relationships developed with its customers, have positioned Phytothreptiki between the largest Greek companies in the sector.

Out of Ordinary plant nutrition

Who are we
ORA Services, member of PhytoGroup is a greek company founded in 2014 which operates in the field of special nutrition and provides innovative and modern solutions for the agricultural sector. Nowadays, ORA constitutes a sales and consulting company which delivers high-quality and branded products and services to its customers. ORA Services is a subsidiary company of Phytothreptiki SA.